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Melting Pop Records is a music label.

The concept is basic in nature - represent musical talent, book venues, arrange album production - all the things music labels are supposed to do.

So what makes us stand out?

Simple. We choose to sign the talent that other labels won't.


The U.S. is supposed to be a melting pot, a representation of people of all different nationalities, orientations, genders, body types, religious preferences, and all the other traits that make each of us unique yet united.


So the question is, why isn't our music industry portraying this diversity?

At Melting Pop we believe that everyone should have a voice, that everyone deserves to represent and be represented. If you have talent, we have a home for you. Because music isn't the shape of your eyes, the color of your skin, the pronoun you use, the number on your scale or the crucifix you wear. It's your story. Plain and simple. And you should have the right to tell it.

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