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StaticeQuo is an all Asian American pop group formed in the summer of 2018 after competing and winning in a musical competition program called The Vote. The show consisted of a four week long competition produced by Melting Pop Records and streamed live on Twitch, with worldwide voters and a panel of guest judges (including American Pop star Jun Curry Ahn) selecting the final five members of the group.

The artists have a variety of talents which make them a fully self composing group:

Tony specializes in lyrics and melody and is one of the main vocalists.
LXS is an expert in melody and composition and serves as lead vocal.
Mina and Moutwei are lyricists, rappers and work with beats.
And Sandy, the youngest, is the lead choreographer.

All the artists live in different areas of the country so have had to work through the challenges of creating music with one another remotely, and only come together once every few months to finalize and record in Los Angeles. After all their hard work, they've debuted with their first EP album, Flourish, and have smoothed out the process in order to provide a full album to be recorded this winter. They hope to serve as an example and as role models to other minorities who are trying to make it in the American music industry, particularly to the Asian communities who are still trying to gain more footing widestream.

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